Using Your OMF File

Once you have completed and tested your OMF file, you are ready to use it.

Packaging Your OMF File

If you are packaging the OMF file with documentation in a package, see the examples and documentation in the package scrollkeeper-example1, available from

Registering Your OMF File Locally

If you wish to register the OMF file and document in your local ScrollKeeper catalog, use scrollkeeper-install or scrollkeeper-update. A typical system-wide installation involves copying the OMF file into one of the directories specified by OMF_DIR in /etc/scrollkeeper.conf, or a subdirectory of any of these directories. Running scrollkeeper-update as root will update the catalog with any new or updated OMF files in these directories. Conversely, if any OMF files were removed since the last scrollkeeper-update, their entries in the catalog will be removed. Logs of the actions and any warnings or errors are written to /var/log/scrollkeeper.log. You should now be able to view the updated catalog using any ScrollKeeper-compliant documentation browser. Note that you may need to restart some help browsers to see the changes.