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scrollkeeper-example2 0.1.1 Released (March 18, 2002)
Scrollkeeper-example2 0.1.1 is a package which illustrates how a package can be set up to install XML documentation and OMF files and register them with ScrollKeeper 0.3.x/0.4.x. It includes standard build files which can be copied into place without any modification for most packages, greatly minimizing the amount of effort required. It also includes a detailed document explaining step-by-step what must be done. Grab it from:
ScrollKeeper 0.3.1 Released (Developers Only) (January 13, 2002)
ScrollKeeper 0.3.1, the second release in the 0.3.x development series, is now available for testers and developers. Grab it from here. Testers and developers should look over the TODO file, available in the tarball or in CVS, and the bug tracker.
Web Page Updates (January 13, 2002)
There have been several updates to the web pages recently. There is a new page explaining how to get ScrollKeeper from CVS. The draft specification for ScrollKeeper 0.3/0.4 has been added to the Documentation page. This is the draft from CVS which includes many of the updates from 0.2 to 0.4, although it is not 100% complete. And as was previously announced, a new section was added describing the various documentation browsers which use ScrollKeeper.
Browser List Available (January 10, 2002)
You can now find a list of documentation browsers which use ScrollKeeper, along with some screenshots and links.
ScrollKeeper 0.3.0 Released (Developers Only) (December 5, 2001)
ScrollKeeper 0.3.0, the first in the development series 0.3.x, was just released for testing. It has some very nice new features but is fairly bumpy and will need some work before we can promote it to the stable line. Developers are encouraged to help test it and squoosh bugs. Get it here.
ScrollKeeper: Open Source Document Management (November 28, 2001)
Kendall Clark wrote a very nice article about ScrollKeeper and how it fits into the *nix environment. It is a good read, whether you are new to ScrollKeeper or very familiar with it. You can read it here.
ScrollKeeper 0.2 Design Doc (April 11, 2001)
ScrollKeeper 0.2 actually resembles the original design proposals quite a bit. However, there has been a little evolution to refine certain parts of the design. Now that ScrollKeeper 0.2 has been released, we went back and updated the proposal so that we have an accurate description of what is implemented in ScrollKeeper 0.2. See the Documentation page for details.
ScrollKeeper Talk at GUADEC (April 7, 2001)
Laszlo and Dan gave a talk about ScrollKeeper at GUADEC (the GNOME Users' and Developers' European Conference). Telsa Gwynn was kind enough to write up a detailed summary of the talk.
ScrollKeeper 0.2.0 Released (March 27, 2001)
After quite a few bug fix releases, we are proud to give to you ScrollKeeper 0.2. It offers the two basic features of TOC extraction and contents lists. It has a minimal feature set but is already usable.
ScrollKeeper 0.1.0 Released (Feb 15, 2001)
After much work, we have a 0.1.0 release. This means that things we have a minimally functional release (no bells and whistles) with i18n. This is enough to build a useful help browser on top of (with no bells and whistles;). With some more testing and probably a few bug fixes, we will have our first stable release, 0.2.0.
Dewey Becomes ScrollKeeper (Sept 18, 2000)
Dewey has been renamed ScrollKeeper to avoid confusion with the Dewey Decimal System and electronic catalog systems which are based on it.
Dewey Goes To SourceForge (Aug 16, 2000)
Dewey now has a name and a web site, hosted by SourceForge. This will also bring us a new mailing list with archives and CVS.
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